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Survival adventure series ‘Free Ride’, produced by Raw TV, sees U.S. adventurer, Rob Greenfield, buddying up with British filmmaker, James Levelle, as they attempt to travel the world with no money and no plans.


“There’ll be no fakery, no pre-booked Holiday Inns.  Rob and James hope to live on the kindness of strangers or earn their living by doing odd jobs or picking food,” says Phil Craig, EVP and Chief Creative Officer of Discovery Networks International.



He's a nice bloke... however, he is mad - The Times

With his refusal to be beaten down... If he had to take a cat to be put down, he would still sound like Lord Flashheart geeing up the troops for battle - The Guardian

Trekking across South America... sleeping in toilets did you say? - SKY News

Toilets right out of 'Trainspotting'! - London LIVE

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At the age of 22, Parker has already struck it rich in the Klondike by mining over $13 million dollars’ worth of gold. But he’s always wondered – is he tough as the original stampeders? 

Now together with three friends – foreman Rick Ness, wilderness guide Karla, and filmmaker James Levelle, Parker will journey unaided 600 miles over a mountain range, lakes and the mighty Yukon River all the way from Parker’s home at the start of the original trail to the goldfields of the Klondike and the legendary Dawson City. Along the way, they plan to hunt and fish for food, paddle and sail before the river freezes and find gold and stake a gold claim before just like the old timers did 120 years before them.

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