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Regional theatre tour racing to inspire climate action

Spring 2023, award-winning filmmaker James Levelle will be touring the UK as part of the Society’s Regional Theatres Programme, sharing stories from his 9,000-mile emission-free odyssey from the UK to Chile to champion young voices in the climate crisis.

James kicked off his 'Race For the Future' speaking tour at the Society's Monday night lecture in Kensington.  


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James Levelle extreme adventure filmmaker motivational speaker public speaking mr foggs explorer series

James's motivational speaking is increasingly in demand.  His stories explore the power of human relationships, overcoming adversity, lessons we can learn from nature and how the spirit of adventure has the potential to transform the way we see the world. 

Whether inspiring school kids or corporate CEOs each talk is tailored to the audience using photos and video footage from James's global adventuring.

He shares the lessons he's learned with honesty and passion and his down-to-earth tongue-in-cheek style ensures that his extreme experiences are not only great fun, they're relatable and applicable.

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Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award - St James's Palace

We were delighted to be able to welcome James to St James’s Palace as a guest presenter for one of our Gold Award Presentations. James gave an inspiring talk to over 100 young people, sharing his experiences and encouraging them to continue setting goals for their own future. Comments from the young people have included:


It was absolutely fantastic to hear him speak on his experiences and I particularly enjoyed his anecdotes on nature filming and inspirations.”

Really inspiring and interesting to see what work he has accomplished."

“Very friendly and down to earth when answering questions. He was very interesting to listen to, I would have loved to have talked with him more and heard more of his stories.”

Excellent and enthusiastic speaker, very suitable to present Awards.”

Very inspiring


James was very interesting and fun to listen to, with some very inspiring stories. The audience of young people were fully engaged and were very keen to ask him some questions to find out more about his past adventures and future plans.

Director, OneLeap

"At OneLeap we are always looking outside for inspiration and I asked James to come and speak about his adventures in South America. A charismatic and engaging story teller, he had everyone transfixed. James is clearly an extremely fun adventurous character, but the idea of travelling over 10,000km across South America without any money doesn’t just seem impossible it sounds downright dangerous. However, James's stories paint a very different picture indeed.  His experiences show people at their best, they are not only uplifting and inspiring. His positivity and passion are contagious and he has a brilliant ability to translate his extreme adventuring into a handy blueprint for being better at what we do in all aspects of our lives. Everyone should get a chance to see the world through James’s eyes."

Mr Fogg's Explorer Series

"Following on from the legendary Sir Ranulph Fiennes was Londoner, James Levelle.  James has worked in some of the world’s most extreme environments directing some of Discovery Channel’s most groundbreaking and successful shows from ‘Alaska: Gold Rush’ to ‘Free Ride: South America’.  His daring attempt to cross the continent of South America without cash – ten weeks, six countries and over 11,000km – was mind-blowing.  From working as a Argentinean cowboy, a diver and fruit seller to sleeping under the stars and dingy roadside truck stops, Levelle's stories are sure to inspire.

Deputy Head, Northbridge House Senior School

"James’ presentation to the Sixth Form pupils at North Bridge House Canonbury  on his film ‘Free Ride’ -  documenting his attempt to cross South America in ten weeks without any money - was mind-blowingly inspirational and motivating.  James is undoubtedly passionate about adventure, the planet, and the plight of those less fortunate than himself. His adventure took him to places and introduced him to people that he would never have seen or met in any other way.  He spoke from the heart about the people he met along the way, what he had to do to earn a few dollars, and the pressures the adventure took on his relationship with his co-presenter Rob.  Given the obsession many young people today have with technology, fashion, social media and money; James’ story is both humbling and refreshing; to quote a line from his adventure, ‘the more convenient life is, the less you get out of it’.  His passionate talk to my pupils will most definitely have inspired some of them to think about travel, adventure, and that anything really is possible.  I sincerely hope James comes back.

Deputy Head, King's College Wimbledon

James visited King’s and gave two talks to our new year 9 pupils. The boys left inspired and ready to face the challenges of the new academic year in a new school. Many pupils gave the talks 9/10 or 10/10 when asked for feedback and several wrote about it a month later as the highlight of their induction activities. James is both a passionate and considered speaker who connected to his audience and left a lasting impression on them, relating fascinating and powerful stories of his adventures and the lessons he learnt from them.

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