James ventures undercover to film agents from the EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency) as they dive into the ruthless and murky world of environmental crime. They are armed only with undercover cameras and a resilient dedication to protect the natural environment.

A four part series exposing the international organised crime behind the trade in tiger skins and bones, illegal logging, ivory and whaling.

Broadcast Magazine wrote, “Such furtive goings-on made for good tension, and the danger seemed very real in this murky and violent world.” 


“There can hardly be two more difficult countries in which to film than China and Tibet, but the footage obtained by the investigators is remarkable... All credit to producer/director James M Levelle.  A gruesome tale well told.”

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The great cities of the Maya stand like sentinels within the vast jungles of central America. But despite more than a century of intrepid archaeology, most of the ancient Maya world has remained unseen and unexplored.


Now that’s all about to change. A massive research project is creating an extraordinary “treasure map” of the Maya world from the air, and what it reveals is astounding archaeologists, because it seems that the Maya not only created spectacular cities, but managed and manipulated their landscape on an almost industrial scale to supply food and water for urban populations far bigger than anyone had ever imagined.


It all adds up to a complete rethinking of the sheer scale and sophistication of one of the world’s most mysterious ancient civilisations.

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