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A Climate Crisis Adventure

Earth’s climate is changing fast and the facts are terrifying... after a summer spent filming inside the eye of hurricanes James knows how deadly climate chaos can be... but this isn’t a race to ‘save the planet’... this is a race to ‘save the future of humanity’. How the heck are we supposed to deal with that? If governments can’t get their act together what chance do we as individuals have? And what about the kids? It’s their future. They have the most at stake but their voices go unheard.

James wants to change that… for years he has inspired school kids with his stories celebrating the natural world and humanity at its best… now he’s teaming up with them and using his unique adventure filmmaking skills to make their voices heard at the highest level. 

The next UN Climate Conference meets December 2019 in Santiago de Chile, South America.  


James’s challenge… to journey 7000 miles from the UK to Chile without emiting CO2… cycling, sailing, paddling, hiking, horse riding… 


His purpose… to document on camera the voices of the global youth... their dreams, fears and demands for ‘their future’…  that James will deliver to the politicians in power at the UN Climate Conference.


Will James make it to Chile in time?  And if he makes it… can he pull off an unmissable stunt to guarantee the next generation are heard loud and clear?

Jimi with kids_Peru.png

James will take audiences on the world’s first fossil fuel free adventure travel series seeking ground truth on the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.  How can we solve climate chaos on a global scale and what positive environmental impacts can individuals make at a local level?  Can children be the key to changing adult hearts and minds and end the indecision that threatens their future?

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